My name is Ray Mikelonis, I earned a BS degree in Microbiology and Public Health from Michigan State University. Throughout my successful sales career I have always represented the best in products and technology.

It started 40 years ago with offering the best in food preparation technology for the consumer/homemaker. In 2001, using my knowledge in science, I started a mold inspection service for homeowners with a partner that was a building scientist. Over the last 10 years, as I grew older, my focus turned to the benefits of stem cell technology, epigenetics, and cellular age management systems. The different companies I represent offer products to enhance and improve the health of individuals and even reverse the aging process through natural methods. The Stemenhace ULTRA product featured here is the newest innovation of an all-natural plant sourced Super Food that helps the body release up to 35% more adult bone marrow stem cells within an hour than is normally being released which is the body's natural repair system.

With over 10,000 people turning 65 years old every day for the next 10 years and normal stem cell release is only 10% of what it was when we were 20 years old, you can see this product fits for people that prefer a more economical approach compared to stem cell injections and other surgical procedures. The people buying products like this are part of a group of over $50 billion a year in the Anti-Aging market worldwide, which is part of a bigger group of the $4.2 Trillion Health and Wellness Market.

Personal Interview at the March 2018 Osteopathic Convocation in Orlando, Florida

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